The American Dream

USA.american-dreamThe very epitome of the United States is the image of the American Dream. Many people through the years have made this ideal a standard to live by, and this is no different in regards to my family. Although the term American Dream was not the specific term used, the principle of prosperity and success were lessons that my parents emphasized on. Most of what I learned about this American Dream came from my mom because of her reasons for immigrating to the United States from the Philippines. In her family, my grandparents and aunts, they decided to live in the U.S. because of the opportunities that were available in here than there were back in eastern asia. To me this family history, taught me that in order to achieve the American dream sacrifice and perseverance must also be accompanied by the desire for success.

Personally when I think of the American dream I have the image of the 1950s version, with a house, car, and most of all security financially. Also the American dream means being able to be happy in whatever endeavor I wish to peruse. For me I want to finish my education in both high school and college, and have a profitable career that I love doing. However, I don’t think that this dream needs to be extravagant and obnoxiously farfetched, for some it could be to just live in the U.S. Now that times have changed and evolved, depending to each individual person their American dream can be different, and even out of the norm. I think that the principal of the this aspiration is that there is something that can be achieved and a presence that can be felt in America that cant be felt anywhere else. Ive never heard anything to the amount of the “united kingdom dream” or the “European dream”. Its more than a name or goal that comes with this title; this is what America stands for: social mobility and the ability to transcend through obstacles.

Although some may think that the American dream has subsided and is continuing to die out, I think that it is in fact the opposite. The numbers of opportunities for individuals have in fact increased, more people are building their own businesses, corporations, and companies. The only thing that may have changed is the means we achieve our individual dream. If anything, the recent economic downfall acts as an incentive for individuals to augment their certain position in life and realize their full potential, and not settle for a banal and insipid life. Although there may be a few impediments that might deter an individual from attaining this vision of America, aspirations are never met without even a few minor bumps in the road.

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